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Cement Tools That Can Help You in Your Concrete Cutting Business

Many homeowners decide to renovate their houses in order to make it more attractive and eye catching, and in most cases, they will need someone who can perform concrete cutting services for them.  Therefore, it is safe to say that concrete cutting is one of the most trending businesses today.

Starting a concrete cutting business could be a wise move, due to its popularity. However, in order to be successful, you will need to invest on a complete set of cement tools. These tools will help you ensure the quality of work that you will deliver. With the help of these powerful instruments, your reputation as a concrete cutter will grow. Once you have established a name for yourself, clients will start pouring in. Here are some of the concrete cutting tools that are worth investing.

Angle Grinder

This powerful tool is portable and lightweight. The angle grinder has a disc-shaped blade that is being spun by an electric motor. Usually the blade is coated with an abrasive material like carbine or diamond, which makes it capable of cutting horizontal, vertical and overhead concrete surfaces. This is a two-handed-tool, which allows you to utilize the angle grinder with precision and effectiveness.

The straight and slender body of the grinder serves as the main handle, while a secondary handle is attached perpendicularly to the body and serves as support.  The position of the blade enables you to cut concrete materials with pressing forward motion at various angles. Due to the weight, size and blade position of angle grinders, you can use them to reach tight spots and corners.

Masonry Wet Saw

You must include masonry wet saw in the list of cement tools that you should purchase. This tool is a wheel-mounted, industrial strength concrete saw.  This tool has an internal combustion engine that is powered by gas, and spins a diamond-coated blade. The wheels and handle of masonry-wet saw is comparable to a lawn mower, and the machine works by pushing it across concrete surfaces, usually slabs. The most distinctive feature of this tool is its distribution system and water pump. As you use the saw, the water pump distributes water on both the blades and the concrete surfaces, to lubricate and reduce the heat, which results to smoother cutting and longer lifespan of the blades.

Cut Off Saw

If you have already seen a carpenter’s circular saw, then you will have an idea of what a cut-off saw looks like.  They are very much similar in appearance. A cut-off saw has a huge circular blade, and you can operate it with a pistol grip trigger. The main feature of this tool is its power.  It has an internal combustion engine that can provide torque and horsepower that is much higher than other same-sized electrical tools. This tool is specifically designed to cut through thick concrete surfaces, since the diameter of its blades ranges from 10-20 inches.

With a complete set of cement tools, you will be able to deliver excellent concrete cutting services to your clients. Therefore, if you are planning to start your own concrete cutting business, you can start by investing on these tools first.

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